30% Off Sale for Thanksgiving day

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30% Off Sale for Thanksgiving day
November 20, 2015 Mary Tang

30% Off Sale for Thanksgiving day

thanksgiving day

Fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the United States every fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving is coming again.

It’s a meaningful holiday and every country should have this kind of holiday.

Thanksgiving has a long history. Americans commonly trace the Thanksgiving holiday to a 1621 celebration at the Plymouth plantation, where the Plymouth settlers held a harvest festival after a successful growing season.  In 1620, a boat filled with more than one hundred people had had a problem with the beliefs of the Church of England and they wanted to separated from it. They settled in a place they called Plymouth. The first winter in their New World was difficult. They had arrived too late to grow many crops. And without  fresh food, half the colony died from disease.  The following spring, the Iroquois Indians taught them how to catch eel and grow corn and served as an interpreter for them. In the autumn of 1621,bountiful crops of corn and, pumpkins were harvested.Following the harvest they planned a feast. They invited the local Indian chief and 90 other Native Americans The feast was cooked by the four adult Pilgrim women who survived their first winter in the New World along with young daughters and male and female servants.

thanksgiving turkey

In following years, many of the original colonists celebrated the autumn harvest with a feast of thanks.

What a meaningful history and nice people. With gratitude, I have joined a thankful party for a few years and ate some turkey. What a delicious food and we should be thankful for the chef for cooking such delicious food.

What else we should be thankful for apart from Thanksgiving day itself? In our life, we have lot of things we should be thankful for. We should be thankful for our family that gives us lot of love. Wake up every morning being thankful for the gift of life with the thought of something wonderful is about to happen. We are thankful for everything that we have.

I would like to thank all our customers for their support. And we would like to say, “thank you”. We are here to serve you and offer the lowest price to you for our quality products.

To show our gratitude to our customers, we will offer 30% off all our standard prices from November 24 to December 5. For customers buying from the Titathink Online Store: https://www.titathink.com/shop, we will also send a 32G SD card as a gift and free shipment.

If you buy from our Amazon store: we are not able to include the 32G SD card. But you will still get the 30% off plus free shipment.

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