8 ways to make your home more secure.

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8 ways to make your home more secure.
March 29, 2016 Mary Tang

8 ways to make your home more secure.

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One question that I got asked by our customers is that how to make home more secure?

We all know to lock our doors, shut our windows, and look through the peephole before opening the front door, but what else can we do to make our homes safer? Here are some tips on making your home your castle.

1. Hold a household meeting

Make home security a habit, with every member of the household—including children—agreeing to a routine that should include such simple rules as:

  • Use door and window locks. It costs nothing and takes little energy. Make it a habit to lock every door and window when leaving, after entering, and before bedtime.
  • Do not open the door to uninvited or unwelcome visitors.
  • Close and lock the garage door.
  • Secure your home even if you’re doing work around the house and yard.
  • Use your alarm system all the time, even when you take a quick trip to the store or visit next-door neighbors

2. Be Your Own Burglar

The next thing you’ll want to do is to be the burglar yourself. I recommend that you do this both in the daytime and after dark. Make note of any areas where trespassers can easily hide, such as overgrown shrubbery or storage sheds. Also, notate any dark spots that will enable someone to slip easily into the shadows. Do you have easy access to your ground floor windows? How can a burglar get into and out of your home quickly, easily, and undetected? You need to imagine breaking into your own home yourself and then setting up some security so you aren’t successful.

3. Light up.

Timer switches that turn your lights on and off give the impression you’re home are highly effective.

4. Don’t leave keys on the front of your door, because it will welcome a robbery.

 5. Secure your shed.

Outbuildings such as sheds and garages are often home to lots of valuable gardening and DIY equipment – some of which can be used by burglars to break into your home. So make sure they are locked at all times.

6. Illuminate your home.

Security lights that come on as anyone approaches your property are a deterrent for anyone who is up to no good. They can also help you feel safer when you get home after dark.

7. Install Security Cameras

I think one of the best things any homeowner can do is let go of the thought that you don’t need security camera at your personal property. Every home is a potential target of crime, no matter where you live. Adding security cameras around the perimeter of your property will not only add an extra layer of protection, but will also help the police apprehend the suspect should you be the unfortunate victim of a break in. The equipment is affordable and easily installed, and there are several types of cameras to choose from https://www.titathink.com/shop

8. When in doubt, call the police.

When you see anything suspicious at all going on outside your home, call the police. Do not try to resolve any maters on your own.

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