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Our Team, Our Dream, Our Story.

Hello, welcome to our company website and read our story. In 2006, I graduate from GLIET, a best engineering collage in china. Since that I join in Grain media( a video chip company ) and work on development of network camera, taylor join in us in 2011.

Our story began one day in 2012, that night Taylor and I for a coffee after overtime, he said: “I have a dream that found a team to provide our clients high quality, easy-to-use products and professinal services with our professional skill and knowledge”. Oh my gosh, it’s also my dream, we really hit it off! In the same year, we founded the Tita Studio, specializes in hardware and software development. In the process of continuous efforts, we attract some like-minded partneres to join in us. Such as Hayden, Steven… which includes a contract manufacturers.

In 2012 we found Titathink company, further towards our dream. Now we have 11 partneres, 5 engineers, 5 sales engineers, 1 contract manufacturers, We are small but we are professional, We will continue to work hard for our dream. Please support our dream, give us a chance to progress.

Best regards,

CEO, Tim Zhang
  • Since 2012
  • Available on Amazon
  • Multiple cooperation company
  • Has its own factory

Our Team

We take what’s familiar and look at it in a new light. Our team focuses on making technology that’s simple, fresh and helpful.

Since 2015…
  • 7 Engineers
  • 10 Customer Sevices
  • 13 Partneres
  • 2 Manufacturers

Hello, I’m Tim.

I sincerely thank you for choosing the titathink. We are titathink, focus on the detail of high-quality smart wireless ip camera to make the product becoming more simple to install and easy to use.
Tim Tim Zhang Chief Executive Officer, Titathink He was in the factory localed on Bao’an Centre.

Hello, I’m Taylor.

I sincerely thank you for choosing the titathink. We are titathink, we are growing faster now, altough we are small, but we are powerful! We believe that our job is taking the unloved products in your home and make simple, beautiful, thoughtful things.
Taylor Taylor Woo Sales Manager, Titathink He was in the factory localed on Bao’an Centre.

97% recommendation

Begin with the quality, whether the sevice or technical assistance, we are going to constantly to provide first-class service. From the inner hope that customers truly satisfied.

Anthony :

” This is a fantastic high-resolution camera! Not only does it work exactly as expected, but the Titathink technical support is amazing! They respond almost instantly, 24×7 – very impressive. Their web site is extremely helpful also. I’d like to add that the camera was extremely easy to set up, including time format, and using VLC [on the same computer used to load the Titathink camera software] to view previously saved video files was super easy. I definitely recommend this camera! “


Christie :

” I am writing this review regarding the excellent service I received from Titathink Support Service. Taylor was able to help me correct my problem very efficiently and with excellent customer service I will purchase more products from Titathink. “


Gallery of Titathink

Whether we are in plant or in the workplace, all of we love this big family and passionately work hard together. We firmly believe that high quality products borned of forging ahead constantly. Everything should be from life.

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