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Babelens positive feedback
August 22, 2016 Mary Tang

Babelens positive feedback


We would like to hear from one of our customers that she is really appreciate our Babelens. Let’s look at what she says:

“It’s not easy being a mom. My 9 months old girl cries everyday about everything! I love her, she is my life, but she drives me crazy sometimes.

Last weekend, my parents came and visited me for a month to see their granddaughter i was so happy that I could take a break. So I bought a surveillance camera from Titathink online shop for watching my little one while I am out for shopping or visiting my friends.

I am so happy to have this camera, it is cute and easy to install and works perfectly. The camera mounts to the wall and comes with all the hardware accessories you would need. Setting the camera to the wall in my daughter’s bedroom was easier than I expected and took only a few minutes. The camera can be mounted or will sit on a flat surface like a dresser, shelf etc.

I downloaded the app, scanned the barcode to connect it to the camera. I set up my WiFi and connected the camera wirelessly. Through the app I can see and hear everything that the cameras sees and hears when I am out for shopping or visiting my friends.

The camera has given me a peace of mind as a mom and I love that I can peek in on her without interrupting her sleeping and playing. I use the camera’s light every night because the nightlight is a soft white which doesn’t affect my baby’s eyes.

It a very great camera for my baby and i deserve it”.

Thanks Rita for sharing this positive feedback to us and we hope your daughter grow up happy, healthy, and storng.

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