Back to school: keep taps on your kids after school when you are away

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Back to school: keep taps on your kids after school when you are away
August 17, 2018 Mary Tang

Back to school: keep taps on your kids after school when you are away


Summer is almost over, time to get back in school.   You are excited to see your kids growing and expanding their minds, but for many working parents there are also many concerns that go along with being back in school.  One of the main concerns that they are worrisome their kids whether they arrive at home safely and stay home alone safely because they have to work while their children are home alone after school.

Here I would like to share with an example of kids of one of my friends Lucy. She has two young kids and one lovely dog. One of her sons doesn’t respect the dog by pulling his hair and hitting him. One day when he got home from school and the dog bit his finger when he was stepping on the dog’s tail heavily while she and her husband were working. Luckily, he has not been bitten seriously.

Your home security plan is never complete without these child safety steps. Ensuring the safety of your children should be a provider’s number one priority.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Titathink home security camera provides an easy way to keep an eye on your home, children and pets right from the app on your mobile phone so that you know your children are safe.  Install a Tiathink security camera by the door will show you they’ve arrived safely. Additional cameras can show you if they are doing things at home safely and no one else has entered the home while they are there.

Here are some other additional ways for your children to be safe when they are home alone.

1, Teach your children to keep the doors and windows closed when they are inside.  Someone cannot walk in without your children’s permission.  Avoid opening the door to people they don’t know.

2 Protect your kids when they are around pets. Teach your children respect the dog by not pulling his hair or hitting him.

3, Hide dangerous items in the house to stay away from your children

4, Call you if they need to

5, Practice what to say during an emergency call

6, Prepare home lights and temperature for children when they get home.

If you have any good suggestions about how to protect your home or any comments about this article, please send your ideas to my email at  If you are interested in our products, please contact us at

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