The best IP camera for monitoring your baby

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The best IP camera for monitoring your baby
May 10, 2016 Mary Tang

The best IP camera for monitoring your baby

We should have heard people who are not married or married but without kids say that they may not need to use such an IP baby camera to monitor their babies if they have babies. But when they got married with kids, they will be glad to buy a good camera for monitoring their babies.

We made an investigation about what do parents want and need for the baby monitor from some parents. Here we summed up some parents wants and needs for their baby monitor camera:

1, Monitor baby entire playroom, so it needs to have a wide angle lens.

2 Capture live video in high definition.

3, Capture live audio

4, Display live video and audio on laptop, smart phone.

5 Record on demand.

6, Talk and hear baby

7 Play lullabies for baby

Wide Angle High Definition IP Camera with night vision.

Based on their requirements listed above, Titathink designed and researched Babelens to meet parent’s needs and wants.

From the list 1 to 3, Babelens supports full 1080p HD resolution (1920 x 1080) with a 12/7’’ CMOS lens 2,073,600 Pixels, this gives the camera a nice wide viewing angle with high definition, it built-in microphone and IR lights that the camera can record in the dark very well.

Here is a picture of Babelens being used by one of our customers room and mount on the wall of looking-through in the room.


Display Babelens on iPhone or computer APPs

Parents can enable access to watch live video remotely from iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac PCs when they are not in the family room and want to check in on their baby.

Record Video on Demand

If you don’t want to miss anything your kids doing (some cute things and some mischievous). You can record the live video to your computer or SD card, then play them back.


Talk and hear your baby

With Babelens built-in microphone and speaker, you can talk and hear your baby real-time.

Play lullabies for baby

Lullabies – Babelens offers a function to help you sing lullabies, you can play lullabies to your baby to help the baby sleep.

Titathink-Babelens lullabies

Bablelens is a professional security IP camera for monitoring baby, we designed many functions special for the baby. It’s perfect for monitoring your baby.

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