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Best Nanny Cam Complete Guide
April 15, 2016 Mary Tang

Best Nanny Cam Complete Guide

We are very pleased to get voted from PricenFees that our products, Titathink TT520PW was ranked 2nd in their complete guide of the best nanny cams.

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Best Nanny Camera Reviews.

Titathink TT520PW Review


Right out of the box you’ll notice just how small and discrete this nanny camera can be. You will find two distinct units packaged together: the main unit responsible for powering the device that also functions as the mainboard and wifi interface, and the sensor camera unit. Both of these are important and easy to set up, and both are needed for your camera to work. It only took us a few minutes to set up and install the app, which happens to work just fine through our router’s wi-fi and over 4G cell service, and get everything running as it should. Simply position the camera, connect to your home wi-fi, and install the app on your phone and you’re set.

The sensor unit is pretty much just a tiny lens attached to a 20 foot cable (which must be plugged into the main unit to function). Two kinds of brackets are included for the sensor, allowing easy installation on your home wall or other discrete areas. The camera’s image quality is pretty good (720p HD), sharp enough to see a detailed image even in a moderately lit room. There is no night vision functionality for Titathink TT520PW though, so if you’ll need a view in a dark lit room, you might need to pick another item on our list. The motion detection customization is a great feature, allowing you to configure 4 motion detection zones to alert through email snapshots or push directly to your phone.

If you are interested in recording audio, in the main unit there is an audio line-in RCA connector for your own sound monitor pick up device, which must be purchased separately. (It is illegal to record the audio of someone who is unaware or has not given permission, so if you plan to do this you should inform your babysitter or whomever will be recorded). This nanny cam does not have any cloud services, but allows you to insert a mini SD card for recording. The camera can also record to your NVR, NAS Device, or PC. Saved footage can be viewed on your computer or any Android or iOS device that has installed the app.

The Titathink TT520PW is intuitive by design, can be used covertly or informed, and is a reasonable price. Image quality is high quality and the app is easy to use. What more could you ask for in a nanny cam?

The full article can be found here:

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