• Outdoor waterproof cam

    Why Outdoor Waterproof Camera Is Better Than Indoor Cameras?

    Buying a security camera for home or office security can be a tricky business. Before making that choice, try to factor all the points like cost or image quality provided by the device. Security is becoming a sensitive issue these days. Most of the home as well as small businessmen owners are opting to install …

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  • Watch groundhog’s prediction on your security camera

    Watch groundhog’s prediction on your security camera

    In 300 BC, the Chinese had a calendar broken into 24 festivals, each with its own unique weather patterns. They are Spring begins, The rains, Insects awaken,Vernal Equinox,  Clear and bright, Grain rain, Summer begins, Grain buds, Grain in ear, Summer solstice, Slight heat, Great heat, Autumn begins, Stopping the heat,  White dews, Autumn Equinox, Cold dews, Hoar-frost falls, Winter begins, Light snow,  Heavy snow, Winter Solstice,  Slight cold,  Great cold. Today we use satellites and …

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  • Top Features of 1080p Security Camera You Should Know

    Top Features of 1080p Security Camera You Should Know

    The CCTV cameras are now using advanced technologies while recording the images. It means the photos produced by them are more crisp and sharper than ever. The earlier surveillance devices were manufactured under the strict guidelines of National Television System Committee or NTSC. According to the instructions, the image resolution was restricted to only 480 …

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  • The best IP camera

    Which Are The Best Night Vision IP Cameras To Buy?

    The best way to secure a particular place by constant surveillance of the area. Installing the spy cam is the best alternative to achieve the monitoring securely. The ways to secure the privacy The installation of the spy cams have become critical nowadays. Security cams are crucial not only in the public areas, but it …

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  • mini hidden spy camera for discreet monitoring

    The 10 Best Nanny Cams 2018–Buyer’s guide

    We are pleased to let you know that Titathink’s nanny spy camera (TT520PW-PRO) is listed in the 10 top best nanny cameras now for four years in a row based on the Ezvid wiki research. Thanks for Ezvid wiki’s hardwork to make such a great video to let everybody know the best nanny camera in …

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  • Titathink mini spy camera

    A strange smell in our neighbor’s room

    Last Friday my neighbor Tim came to my place and said his room had a strange smell, so I went to his room to check it out. Having entered the room, I smelled a pungent strange smell, which made me sick. We looked around his room to check where the smell came from. Finally I found the source, that was coming from the ceiling where there was …

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  • protect home with security camera

    It’s A Perfect Time To Buy A WiFi Hidden Cameras To Protect Your Home

    The homes stay protected at all times thanks to the new age cameras. They come with a plethora of features when you buy the right brand. Any crime statistics will show you that the numbers of robberies are increasing by the day. The alarming fact in this is that most of these robberies take place …

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  • Outdoor secuirty camera

    A thief was arrested after he “saluted” to the security camera.

    Few days ago, the public security bureau captured a criminal suspect, li Yang, who had committed many burglar cases. He was arrested because he intentionally saluted to a security camera after the robbery to provoke the police. After seeing the videos from a security camera, the police identified and arrested him in a few days. …

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  • The best IP camera

    Enjoy Great Deals on Best IP Cameras

    IP cameras give a sense of security and safety to its owners. This device is becoming more and more relevant as crimes are steadily rising. Choosing the Right form of Security Camera There are many forms of Security Cams available on the market. One always needs to take into consideration the surrounding areas, size of …

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  • Security Cameras In Classrooms

    Why Is It Necessary To Put Hidden Security Cameras In Classrooms?

    It is imperative to have cameras installed in classrooms to ensure that the children and the teachers stayed safe and protected from all threats. This is the reason why growing number of schools are going for it. In the modern world, security is one of the top priorities in all places. In all places, right …

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