Should I buy more security systems?

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Should I buy more security systems?
June 29, 2017 Mary Tang

Should I buy more security systems?

Titathink-International language training school

Recently, We were asked some questions by a customer who was looking for some security cameras for his family’s school.

Here is a story from him:

My family owns a language training school in the outskirts of the city where there are lots of the same schools around here. So obviously there are lots of competitors. But my family is doing very well with their business. So lots of neighbors are envious of my family’s success.

Lately, someone has been constantly manipulating their door lock and some items were stolen. That was not much of the problem, considering the losses amounted to less than 100 USD. So they bought a Titathink spy security camera to know the problem details. The next day we caught our neighbor’s company trying to damage and stealing my father’s stationary using the camera, suddenly we yelled out him and he ran away.

But few days later, when I went to the school and found the lights had gone off, the electricity must have been cut off by somebody. Then the camera was damaged also. It was so scary. What should I do now? Should I buy more security cameras or not?

After a few days later, my family considered buying some more security cameras. And they also went to their neighbor’s house and talked to him nicely as to why he wanted to damage our merchandise. He made an apology and said he will make up for those damaged losses. He was just envious of our business and thought we were stealing his business. Actually we did not. We just do our business by our hard work and professional knowledge. We talked a lot about his business and we helped his business to grow a lot. Since then our merchandise will never get lost again and we have become very good friends.

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