Caring for elderly people

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Caring for elderly people
November 14, 2015 Mary Tang

Caring for elderly people

elderly people

There is a piece of news from China Daily about “Lonely deaths surge in S Korea”.

A growing number of South Koreans are dying alone. Lonely deaths surged from 682 in 2011 to 1088 in 2014, according to government statistics. Families have come under strain from economic and demographic upheaval. The long-cherished traditional family structure is changing. The poor and old have nowhere to go. Some even die without a funeral. This symbolizes the crumbling of a Confucian social contract Koreans have lived by for ages. South Korea has one of the fastest aging societies in the world.

Elderly people is becoming the biggest problem in society, we need to pay more attention to the caring of our elderly people. Who should be responsible for our elderly people? Firstly, I think governments should improve public welfare that includes medical assistance, pension services and rural minimum living allowances. Secondly, younger people should raise the awareness of respecting and caring the aged people. We should undertake our responsibility to create the best environment for them. We need to spend our time to talk and accompany them if we are available.

elderly man

We can watch and supervise elderly people by motion sensor or surveillance camera. For modern surveillance cameras, mostly have the motion detection function that can show them how often they go to the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen then the supervisor will know them health status. We can also talk and watch them through the camera on smart phone. Here we recommend our surveillance product—indoor IP camera for you as reference. It can connect to your network with either Wi-Fi or network cables, it’s simple to use and set up, two-way audio, built-in highest quality Microphone. Click here to learn more about it.

Area alarm

Last but not least, elderly people themselves should be always keeping a happy mood and optimistic attitude. They can take part in different activities and develop their interests. They will do a great help to the mental and physical health of them.


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