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  • Christmas sale for titathink security hidden spy camera

    Last chance to save big for Christmas holiday and stay safe this holiday

    Christmas time is coming around again. It’s the time that we are busy buying, wrapping, and giving presents. Christmas is a very important holiday and many people love it because we can get lots of gifts, the opportunity to sleep in every day, lots of food and family reunions. But one of the reasons we …

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  • Titathink-International language training school

    Should I buy more security systems?

    Recently, We were asked some questions by a customer who was looking for some security cameras for his family’s school. Here is a story from him: My family owns a language training school in the outskirts of the city where there are lots of the same schools around here. So obviously there are lots of …

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  • Does the hidden wireless camera prevent crime? Yes! Discover how?

    A couple of eras ago, a popular television show Candid Camera popularized a hidden camera only by tricking people into acting and then informing those people that they were being recorded. And that custom is still available in the 21st Century. But as a matter of fact, those hidden cameras have evolved into a robust …

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  • Cabin holiday

    Protect your cabin with Titathink camera

    Summer holiday is coming and many people want to spend their time to go to the beach or the mountain resort for summer holiday. You are happy that people will stay in your cabins. No matter whether your cabin is private or for customers, it’s your responsibility to make it safe. Here is a story from one of our customers. Our cabin was …

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  • Reduced prices for Christmas

    Titahink reduced all prices to be your Christmas and make your Christmas a happy one.

    As Christmas Holiday day is coming again, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. To celebrate the holiday, we reduced the prices of all our products to customers. One of the lowest prices such as TT520PW, we changed from USD $169 to $139.  Hurry and decide which camera you want. Buy quickly so …

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  • Black Friday

    Some Websites you can follow on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get the best deals

    Black Friday is one of the most exciting shopping days of the year, even if you aren’t a shopaholic in the first place. Some people are waiting for the day to shop for what they want. On that day, it’s going to be a busy day, shop stores need to buy more security cameras to …

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  • government security

    Security cameras for Government

    Government offices, buildings, schools, police offices, prisons, cities, and parks are very important landmarks across the world and hold both real and symbolic value. They may face additional threats from terrorism, protest groups, inmates and the mentally unbalanced that most businesses never have to face. Installing a high quality security camera can keep your building, …

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  • shop

    Use a security camera to monitor your shop

    Many owners of shops buy security cameras just for protecting their shops from theft. But sometimes the security camera plays an important role, let’s see what it is. On a Saturday afternoon, I went to the shop downstairs to buy some ice cream and bread. They cost me 20 RMB. Then I gave the boss …

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  • Off Sale for Black Friday

    Titathink is going crazy and will offer ridiculous prices over the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday.

    Black Friday and Thanksgiving holiday are near coming, many companies are struggling to do their own promotions. Titathink is going crazy and will offer best prices over the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday for their high quality surveillance cameras. What are we doing? Let’s see. Titathink is a professional IP camera Company, our engineers and designers are expert at IP camera and …

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