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  • Dads-new-house

    Daddy’ home

    My mother left me when I was eight 8 months. I was brought up by my dad. Dad looks quite normal, no different from the rest. But he is the most important person in my life. He ran his grocery business in China 8 years ago, but the business only lasted 3 years and it …

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  • Public-outside-camera

    How would you feel living with constant surveillance in your country?

    According to a study, downtown Manhattan boasts approximately more than 5000 security cameras. In England, there are more than 6 million security cameras. With a national population of 56100,000, that’s one camera for every nine people.  You can see security cameras everywhere in China. When you get up in the morning, check the mailbox outside the door, …

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  • Happy Mothers Day

    Love your mother, love your home.

    Mother’s day is coming soon. What would you want to say to her? You may want to say thank you Mom for cooking eggs for me, thank you Mom for buying new clothes for me. My mother is beautiful in my heart and soul. she is wise and gentle.  She grew up in a poor family, so …

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  • Watch groundhog’s prediction on your security camera

    Watch groundhog’s prediction on your security camera

    In 300 BC, the Chinese had a calendar broken into 24 festivals, each with its own unique weather patterns. They are Spring begins, The rains, Insects awaken,Vernal Equinox,  Clear and bright, Grain rain, Summer begins, Grain buds, Grain in ear, Summer solstice, Slight heat, Great heat, Autumn begins, Stopping the heat,  White dews, Autumn Equinox, Cold dews, Hoar-frost falls, Winter begins, Light snow,  Heavy snow, Winter Solstice,  Slight cold,  Great cold. Today we use satellites and …

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  • Titathink mini spy camera

    A strange smell in our neighbor’s room

    Last Friday my neighbor Tim came to my place and said his room had a strange smell, so I went to his room to check it out. Having entered the room, I smelled a pungent strange smell, which made me sick. We looked around his room to check where the smell came from. Finally I found the source, that was coming from the ceiling where there was …

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  • My father's fish pond

    My father’s fish pond

    My dad is an honest, hardworking and straight guy. He is always interested in learning new different things and knowledge.  He raised silkworms and made few silk quilts when his children were little to make his family warm in winter. At first time, he did not want to make money by raising silkworms, but soon later, as many …

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  • Titathink--Trust, but verfiy

    Trust, but verify.

    When we trust people, we will talk everything to them. We will help them when they need any help. We even let them do work without verification. And we believe that we will return the trust. Do we believe that? Yes, we do. But do we doubt about it? Yes, we also do. So according …

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  • mounting hardware of tt520pw

    Home security camera—Titathink WiFi hidden spy cameras

    Hidden cameras and mini spy cameras are increasingly becoming popular for use in home security. It’s not just to detect burglars, watch how your nanny treats your kids or elderly people, attend your children not doing some inappropriate things at their age or to look after your lovely pets and home. But also to keep a close …

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  • Titathink wireless FM radio bluetooth clock camera TT532PRO

    Keep calm and enjoy your life

    When I was young, I’d listen to the radio, waiting for my favorite songs…. One of the best classic pop music songs still lingers in my mind. I am missing the old days where I listened to radio, read newspapers. It made me feel good. But nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, …

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  • a lovely cat--titathink

    Are you scared by yourself?

    I am a coward and afraid of some scary things, such as ghosts, snakes and big wolfs etc. Last night it rained heavy and I was awoken about 3:00am by the heavy rain. About 20 minutes later, I heard a dog barking madly for ages, then I heard steps outside my window and I was freaking out and put my head into …

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