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Customer Service
May 25, 2016 Mary Tang

Customer Service

Titathink-customer support

At its most basic level, customer service is an organization’s ability to supply their customers’ wants and needs.

We heard a lot that people bought some products from some big brand companies, but their customer services are so bad that they don’t care if they lose some customers.

Titathink is a small company and we commit to continually strive to provide the best customer service to our customers, sometimes we provide the best service even though we don’t make any money, we just want to provide the best customer service to our customers to create a good company.

Doing such a security industry business is not so easy, we need to know rich knowledge not only about security camera, but also computer, network, smart phone, electronic technique etc, because we meet different kinds of problems from our customers every day. For example, some customers don’t know how to operate their mobile phone or how to operate a computer or how to insert an SD card, etc. Even though some questions are not relevant to our business, we still try our best to satisfy our customers.

I still remember we served one of our customers for nearly 2 months, he bought a TT520G from Titathink online store, the TT520G doesn’t require the WiFi or wired connection, because it has a SIM card slot to access 3G WCDMA signal, but it will consume the 3G data. He bought it for monitoring his remote house where there is no WiFi signal. As he lacked of computer, network basic knowledge, we needed to teach him some knowledge about the computer, network and the camera, then he used this knowledge to operate how to do the camera.

We want to offer our excellent customer service to make our customers feel special. This makes our customers or potential customers want to come back and do more business with our company and recommend our business to their friends.

We will continue doing our great customer service to keep our customers satisfied.

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