Dog at home alone

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Dog at home alone
August 9, 2016 Mary Tang

Dog at home alone

Titathink dog home alone

Every pet owner has had the difficult decision of what to do with his or her pet when they are out or a long day at work, or just a day at the beach.

The perfect solution is to have a family member or trusted friend come into your home and care for your dog in your absence. But sometimes if you don’t have a family member or trusted friend come into your home and care for your dog, you have to leave your dog home alone. Please don’t leave your dog at home alone for a long time, or he will get bored and will do some bad behavior, such as bite your pillows or toilet papers.

Here we have some tricks that will help your pup adjust to being home alone.

Buy a comfortable place to wait

A nice comfortable bed takes the fear away. A bed can provide comfort and security, whether or not you are home, your pup is sure to crawl into it while your are away and take a nice snooze.

Playing music

Many dogs are afraid of loud noises. You can play music to your dogs while you are away. As with humans, relaxing music may calm a dog during a thunderstorm.

Our company’s Babelens has the function of playing music on your phone wherever you are, you can play and stop music according to the dog’s action.

Provide entertainment for your dogs.

Dogs always love their chew toys,  make sure that toys are tennis ball size and that the dog can’t chew.

Burn off some energy

Wear them out, whether it’s a long walk. Wearing your dog out before you leave is to make them too tired to worry about the separation.

Keep an eye on what happens.

Keeping an eye on what happens to your dog while you are away, use a Titathink camera to check up on your dog while you are out without disturbing them.

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