Enjoy views of your home remotely

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Enjoy views of your home remotely
December 7, 2015 Mary Tang

Enjoy views of your home remotely

Home house

Titathink invites you to enjoy views of your beautiful home remotely with the Babelens & IP camera TT522PW.

Home means a lot of things to a lot of people–comfortable, safety, warmth, a place you can always come to. But it also means inspiration.

The origin of this phrase from a poem “If Home is Where The Heart is…” by John McLeod. It goes:

If Home is where the heart is
Then may your Home be blessed
A shelter from the storms of Life
A place of rest
And when each day is over
And toil put in its place
Your Home’s dear warmth
Will bring its smile
To light the saddest face!

House is a container of home, it shall be filled by love, family affection, friendship and all that. Home is our supporter, even through we feel lonely when leaving home, a home video or a home photo will make us feeling hopeful.

House can be so.

Old home house

House can also be so.

fashion home house

Regardless for richer and for poorer, we feel grateful for the house we used to live.

To capture the moments that move our hearts of the views around our home, Or viewing home when we are away from home. A IP camera will be a nice choice.

Indoor pictures – you can put the smart camera in your home anywhere, viewing home around the world.

babelens camera

Outdoor pictures – the camera can be placed anywhere outdoors, including into one meter deep water so you can view underwater beautiful things.

TT522PW outside

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