Halloween in China

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Halloween in China
October 29, 2015 Mary Tang

Halloween in China

Halloween in china

My story: In 2012, Bella and I walked on the Shekou old street, Shenzhen, China, on Halloween evening day, but we were not aware of it. Suddenly, Bella and I were scared out of our’s wits because there was a man with a horrible face coming toward to us, then some different horrible faces followed, we screamed. Then they talked to us and finally we realized it was Halloween day. Since then, over time I came to know more knowledge about Halloween.

Halloween is essentially a Western holiday and has a long history, originally celebrated by the Celts to commemorate the dead. Halloween as we know it in the United States and the UK is a holiday for fun and parties, getting dressed up in costumes, trick-or-treating and decorating pumpkins.

Halloween is not as popular as Christmas in China, it is really a non-event for the Chinese. But we have a holiday to honor the departed spirits of the underworld—The Chinese Ghost festival. It is said that the ghost roam the world every year for one lunar month. In some areas of China, visitors can see small roadside fires, where believers burn paper money and other offerings to appease the restless spirits that have temporarily been released from Hades.
The Chinese Ghost Festival is also called “Half July” (lunar). It is a popular occasion celebrated through China on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month.

Halloween in china

How to celebrate Halloween in China for Adults.

If you are visiting China during Halloween, you will probably only find these parties in large cities where have more expats living in them such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Halloween in china

How to celebrate Halloween in China for kids.

Unfortunately, only the international schools will likely be doing anything Halloween-related. So if you are just visiting China with your kids during Halloween there will not be public parties or trick-or treating for them.

Halloween is a great gimmick and lots of bars, shopping malls and restaurants will use Halloween as a theme night. We also have a Surveillance Cameras promotion, we will have 10% off for the Babelens.

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