How TT520PW Works?

7. Configure alarms.

Alarms feature is very useful for the camera security systesm. Through alarm alerting, you can capture every important events from home. In this section, we will show you how to enable the alarms with your smartphone.

  • 1. Turn on the alarm function.

    Open the “Anyscene” APP on your smartphone or tablet. Tap on contraction button and you will find the “Alarms Detection” icon and press it to start choosing what to trigger the alarms.

    There are three triggered options for your choosing. “Both” means detecting both motion and voice. “Motion” means detecting motion only. “Voice” means detecting voice only.

    setup alarms
    alarms opitions
  • View the triggered alarms events.

    Go to “Alarms Records” panel, and tap on contraction button.

    View alarms
    1 – Press “Alarms” icon to view all of triggered alarm events

    2 – Press “Edit” icon to start/stop receiving the alarm events.
    View alarms list
    Stop alarms
  • Setup further alarm settings.

    Back to “My Cameras” panel, and press the “Edit” icon to jump to further settings page.

    Alarms further setting
    Alarms further setting
    Alarms further setting
    Alarms further setting
    1 – “Alarm Recording” is used for setting up the quality, duration, pre-recording of alarm recording video.

    2 – “Alarm Email” requests your email server to enable email alarm feature.
    Alarm recording
    Alarm email
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