For TT520PW’s features
In fact, we did a micro-creative for each feature, making it more practical

TT520PW is not like that simply garnish, all features to a camera machine. We picked each feature carefully. It should be more easy to use and powerful. That’s the most beautiful part.

The resolution of this excellent lens is HD 720P

A hign definition 720P digital IP camera can help you to catch a clear, full real color and high quality color temperature video, the camera has an excellent CMOS image sensor to work with video capture data. The horizontal image pixels of 720P are up to 1280 pixels. In the vertical image pixels of 720P image are up to 720 pixels. This means you can get a high quality image and catch more details of monitoring.

Explore a video

Close shot image / Long shot image
The close shot image
The long shot image

Professional Antenna: say goodbye to the signal’s blind locations

Titathink TT520PW uses a professional antenna to better receive the Wi-Fi signal. It uses the standard 2.4GHz frequency band that is used by most routers. This allows you to receive a smoother, more stable live feed.

General I/O

TT520PW provides a general I/O interface. Using this port, you can connect an external alarm device such as a PIR alarm sensor, gas detector, audio alarm device, etc. Once the external device has been triggered, TT520PW will send you an alert.

Can alarm you wherever you are

Even if you are not near the camera, you can still get monitored information from the camera at anytime. The Titathink camera is able to provide a high quality alarm service. When you are not online, Titathink’s TT520PW can alarm you anytime if there is a sign of disturbance or trouble in monitored areas. Titathink’s camera can be alarmed by either motion detection or audio detection.

Detecting motion! Alarming you!

Motion detection can alarm you wherever you are. Motion detection is one of the strongest features. Titathink cameras has a strong detection sensor which is capable of determining which motion should be detected by adjusting the sensitivity and threshold of the camera, no matter how small the motion. The camera will catch the movement and send you an alarm per your settings. The camera can provide four windows on your computer or cell phone to help you to monitor more motion areas by adjusting settings on those windows. If you don’t want the alarms to disturb you, you can close any of them through the APP. For a single window, you can change the position, size, sensitivity and threshold’s settings for motion detection as you desire.

For single window, you can change the position, size, sensitivity and threshold of motion detection with as you please.

If you are in request of monitoring multiple monitored areas, at this point, we can enable multi-detected mode. Titathink TT520PW provides 4 independent detected windows. Also for each detected window, you can setup its property solely.

Likewise, you can stop the report from motion detection at anytime, you just need to disable receiving alarms by using the app.

Local storage, playback anytime and anywhere for free

Titathink doesn’t want users to take excessive time and money to use a cloud-based server, therefore Titathink’s TT520PW provides a platform to help you save money. According to those platforms, this platform allows you to play back your monitored video stream or audio recording files. Even though you may be far away from home, you can still access the video/audio recording files anywhere anytime, either through the Internet via a smartphone, a computer, a laptop, or an iPad. The only stipulation is that you are online.

You can store the video stream to a micro SD Card or transmit it to a Computer Disk or a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device with NAS protocol.

Storage onto micro SD Card.

Titathink TT520PW built in a micro SDHC memory card slot, it can help the camera to store the video recording files into this micro SD Card. Titathink camera supports FAT32 format SD Card with capacity up to 128Gb. Using a phone APP, you can store the video recording file which you needed very conveniently.

128 GB Maximum

Playback anywhere and anytime

It’s not enough to just store record file, the more important thing you need to do is video playback with your phone and computer anywhere at anytime. Titathink’s camera has solved this problem for you. The TT520PW camera can help you to find those video streams that were triggered by motion or audio by providing a simple alarm list. Titathink is presently developing a new APP to improve user experience. Titathink camera won’t let you down.

Not only monitoring your home with video, but also with audio.

The Titathink TT520PW also provides an additional interface that can be connected to an external microphone/audio pickup device. TT520PW is able to record the audio onto a storage device using the audio pickup device.

Through the APP
Hearing what’s happen with your phone from anywhere anytime.

This allows you to hear what’s happening using your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere anytime. All you need is the APP “Anyscene” to be installed on your phone, tablet or computer. You will be able to hear any noises from people who near the TT520PW camera.
*Titathink TT520PW doesn’t support two-way audio feature.
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Hold your monitored area in your hand. Watch it anywhere at anytime.

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