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What you see is only part of it

The fast and fluid performance of TT520PW begins with its outstanding design of a software framework. We significantly decreased the CPU usage of camera internal consumption to 10%. It makes the realization of more features possible. As well as reduced power consumption.

Outstanding sensor is paired with an excellent lens

The camera has outstanding sensor paired with an excellent lens. Even though the hardware is of excellent design, outstanding video quality also needs perfect firmware. Titathink engineers have done that. Titathink TT520PW wireless IP camera incorporates Titathink’s proprietary advanced DSP optimizing technology to improve video quality and provide excellent stability.

1280 x 720

HD Resolution



57° Horizontal

View angle

31° Vertical

View angle

The picture was captured from TT520PW IP Camera. Its picture is 720P HD with a general lens.
The above is cutted out from the original image

The picture was captured from Other low-cost IP Camera. Its picture is 720P HD with a general lens as well.
The above is cutted out from the original image

Multi working mode

Titathink TT520PW wireless IP camera can work over Wi-Fi, PoE (Power over Ethernet) and Ethernet cable. As a result Titathink cameras are able to work with all popular connections.

Connect to network via Wi-Fi. ( Using IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless technology and the Frequency is 2.412-2.462GHz )
Connect to network via PoE(Power over Ethernet). If your router supports POE function to provide power with ethernet cable.
Connect to network via Ethernet cable. It’s the popular connection for Initial setup.

Multi-viewer, connecting faster

To get the greatest performance out of wireless bandwidth, we created a new utilization mechanism. Even through it’s visited by 16 persons, it still play smoothly.

Multi-viewers up to 16.

We created a new utilization mechanism for wireless bandwidth, and also redesigned the camera software to include H.264 encode video compression to significantly reduce the bandwidth usage. This has the advantage that the network can be easily shared with as many as 16 users, such as your own computers, smart phones, and other cameras.
16total Viewers

More friendly bandwidth.

Many TT520PW cameras are connected to a computer or a smart phone, all of the live feeds can be played smoothly. Meanwhile, the cameras will automatically adjust bandwidth that actually used by itself, so it will not affect your Internet speed. If you have sufficient bandwidth, you can add many more cameras.

Motion Detection

Titathink TT520PW camera provides an excellent motion detection feature. It is able to detect motion with four individual windows. Each window can be operated to control by its size, position, threshold level and sensitivity of detection. Learn more about how to setup it

4total Windows

Not only the performance of camera is better, but also the performance of the APPs

To get the greatest usage experience out of the Titathink cameras, we created various APPs that let users watch the live feed on their phone, tablet, laptop, PC/Mac etc. Learn more about the APPs

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