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In today’s world, unwanted deciphering of your private information continues endlessly. TT520PW can be considered as a security product. A lot of attention should be paid to its own security. The Titathink TT520PW camera monitors and protects the safety of your home and your property. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to the research and development of more strong and effective encryption techniques to protect your camera. Whether it is anti-hacker or to keep your privacy away from other people, we are trying our best to perfect Titatink TT520PW’s encryption techniques to ensure the safety of your information. For data transmitted security and data storage security, we believe that the Titathink TT520PW camera will not let you down.

Transmission security

The Titathink TT520PW camera uses AES(Advanced Encryption Standard) to encrypt the transmitted data as the first level encryption. And the Titathink TT520PW camera has other encryption techniques such as WEP(64/128bit), WPA-PSK(AES/TKIP), WPA2-PSK(AES/TKIP). These encryption techniques are not only able to help you connect your camera to your router in a safe and secret way, but also help you guard your data information against capturing transmitted data packets. Moreover, you can setup a complicated password and username as the second protection by using Titathink camera user management system.

Data security in local storage

Storing the video stream data to a local SD card is an old data protection method but quite efficient. The security of data stored to local storage will outclass other stored methods such as a cloud server. For example, if there is a hacker attack to the cloud server, you will have no way to deal with it. But if you store the video data to a local SD card, you do not need to think of the problem too much. The only thing you just need to do is to protect the SD card and avoid losing it.

Learn how to change the default password.

Here is a brief introductory video for you to learn more about how to modify the login password and how to add a new username.

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TT520PW’s specification

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