How to Hide Titathink concealable camera

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How to Hide Titathink concealable camera
May 19, 2016 Mary Tang

How to Hide Titathink concealable camera

Security cameras have become a part of everyday life, and most people are accustomed to seeing outdoor cameras on streets, in parking lots, in the park, school walls and at entrances to housing developments.  Many manufacturers are trying their best to design different shapes of cameras while reducing the price of the cameras. As the competitive prices in the camera market drop, homeowners are taking advantage of the opportunity to protect their property and loved ones by installing security cameras at entrances, in backyards and other key outdoor points.

Spy cameras are becoming popular in the market because people want to record someone or something without being noticed.

So how to conceal Titathink spy cameras?

1, Select an item in which to hide the pinhole camera, choose an item that matches the rest of the decor in the room and will not be conspicuous or out of place. Items that can be opened and closed are ideal, since this will make installation of the camera easier. For example, you can choose a smoke alarm, fake flowers in your home décor or picture frames.

2, Drill a hole in the item, through which the camera sensor can peep. Select an inconspicuous location on the item. Be sure to select a spot that will be facing the proper direction when the item is in its final resting place. If you want use the fake flowers as the item, you don’t need to drill a hole, just put the sensor unit into the flower and make a fabric lens cover with green and the flower color that blends into the surroundings of your flower, then wrap the fabric around the sensor unit.

Titathink spy camera

3, Open the item that the unit sensor will be hidden in, most items will have small screws that can be removed to gain access to the inside. Flat items will simply need to have the camera affixed to the rear of the item.

4, Place the sensor into position.

5, Close the item up and position it in the room.

6, Test the connection. Titathink spy camera can connect wirelessly to your phone or computer, Turn on the app on your phone or computer to make sure everything is working very well.

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