Home security camera—Titathink WiFi hidden spy cameras

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Home security camera—Titathink WiFi hidden spy cameras
July 19, 2017 Mary Tang

Home security camera—Titathink WiFi hidden spy cameras

mounting hardware of tt520pw

Hidden cameras and mini spy cameras are increasingly becoming popular for use in home security. It’s not just to detect burglars, watch how your nanny treats your kids or elderly people, attend your children not doing some inappropriate things at their age or to look after your lovely pets and home. But also to keep a close watch on your partner who may not be being faithful to you recently.

There is a story one of our customers sent to us who used a Titathink spy camera to spy on whether her husband was cheating on him or not.

‘My husband and I have been married 7 years and we had two lovely children. He loves me and cares for me very much and I love him deeply. In my eyes, he is the perfect guy in the world. He runs his own business and he does very well on his job. Since his business has grown quickly, he hired more people to help him and I quit my job, like many women, became a housewife. For me, family is very important so I like to be a housewife. My husband often comes home earlier, and helps me look after our Children.

But recently, he acted strangely, doing weird things and comes home so late which he has never done before. When he came home, he came to bed directly without saying anything. I was worried about him so I went to his office next day and I saw a girl go into his office then the door closed. Then I went home and suspected he was cheating on me. So I bought a Titathink spy camera to spy on him in his office. But nothing happened. He just worked late with his employees these days due to there being a very urgent important case he needed to deal with. I removed the camera from his office and took it home for use as a home security camera for monitoring our home instead.’

A hidden camera has the potential to provide a variety of benefits. With the advances in technology you can get inexpensive spy cameras for less than $200. That is a real small price to pay for the peace of mind that hidden cameras or spy cameras can perform.

Titathink offers you different spy hidden cameras, some spy cameras you can use for outdoor security such as TT522PW-PRO and TT525PW-PRO, some you can put underwater like TT22PW-PRO. We have released a new clock camera with radio, Bluetooth etc. No one can tell that they are being watched while listening to an FM clock radio.

Titathink spy cameras, you deserve one.

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