losing your job is not the end of the world

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losing your job is not the end of the world
May 16, 2017 Mary Tang

losing your job is not the end of the world

Job loss

He was afraid he was going to lose his biggest client, and his job. So he let her yell at him repeatedly. His boss also yelled at him many times and he did not argue because he was afraid he would fire him. He was unhappy at his job but did not have guts to quit his job because he had to pay house mortgage and daily life necessaries. His wife had no job and he needed money to support his family.

He met one of his friends and she said, “there are only two types of decision: Decisions made out of fear and decisions made out growth.”

So he decided to quit his job. But he still pretended to go to work every morning because he did not want his wife to worry about him.

He had no place to go, he went to a breakfast shop to have his breakfast. After having it, he went to nearby a beach and enjoyed the sea with a peace of mind. Then he walked along the seaside each day and enjoyed his time and watched the sun set down. Then he went home the same as usual.

Then one day, he left home the same as usual. He went to a park and felt bored, just watching the grass grow. He began to get worried about his lack of job. So he was looking for a new job but there was no chance to find a job he wanted.

But soon he found a job he did not like. He had to go to a workplace to do the dirty but low salary work. Before he went home after work every day, he changed his clothes and washed his face. But his wife knew he had lost his job. She did not say anything but pretended everything was the same before. Cooking dinner and washing clothe for him.

One day when he used his phone to watch the live view from his Titathink security camera. He found his wife was not home.  He went home quickly.  Then his wife told him  she had found a job because she knew he had lost his job and did not want to live under so much pressure. He was so moved.

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