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Love your home, protect your home
April 21, 2017 Mary Tang

Love your home, protect your home

Protect your home with Titathink security camera

We all love our home, our family. We make our home more beautiful and more comfortable. But sometimes we don’t pay attention to our home safety. We leave home without closing our doors or windows. We put our keys outside doors. All these things are small and easy to do. But we don’t often do them.

Recently, you probably read a piece of news that a Mum and daughter,12, were woken by mountain lion killing a pet dog at the end of their bed, which made us feel sad about her loved dog Lenore. Here is the article link about the news.

It’s a story about a mountain lion that  sneaked into a California home, killing the family dog while it slept at the foot of its owners’ bed. All this because the door had been left slightly ajar to allow air into the room.

A similar thing happened in China last year as well. An owner of a home left the door open in the middle night to let fresh air come in the home. Then a burglar with a knife went to the home and took many valuable things.

From these stories, we have learnt that it is crucial that we need to keep our home safe in our daily life. In the first story, if she had installed a security camera at front of the door, she could have used the security camera to see what is happening during the night.

We suggest that we need to install a security camera for you house. Hopefully you will never need it, but it certainly helps keep a sense of security just in case someone or some animals break into your home.

Here are some ways to make your home more secure.

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