How many surveillance cameras are there in the world?

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How many surveillance cameras are there in the world?
February 27, 2017 Mary Tang

How many surveillance cameras are there in the world?

Titathink Home-security camera

Many who are associated to the world of video surveillance might be interested in knowing the number of video surveillance cameras serving in the world. Based on some historical camera shipments and the predicted life spans of these devices, the count is estimated to be 245 million video surveillance cameras installed globally in 2014. Additionally, the demand for higher megapixel resolution cameras is on the rise and IP cameras are forecasted to experience a compound annual growth rate of 13.7% over the last three years.

So Titathink offers high resolution IP security cameras all around the world as per the customer needs and industry trends. We are continuously developing new products and focusing on designing what a camera should look like in future. Recently, we have just released a new high resolution spy IP camera TT525PW which is on sale on our Amazon store. We will soon introduce a new version camera the TT531WN-PRO, that has additional features such as radio, Bluetooth, alarm etc.

Since we established the company, we have had many compliments from our customers, such as great service, good quality, etc. One of the compliments from one of our customers Joe Segel, said:
“I must compliment your firm. I have purchased many hidden cameras for evaluation. The quality of your camera is the best I have seen. Your online instructions, configuration routine and Lizvie app are also excellent.”

At Titathink, we are focused on homes and their contents. Home is where our products live. So naturally, we want to them to fit in, and be part of the family.

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