Mother’s day gifts ideas

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Mother’s day gifts ideas
May 3, 2016 Mary Tang

Mother’s day gifts ideas

Mother’s Day is coming. What will you give your mother?  Do you need some mother’s day gift ideas?

Mother’s day is celebrating honoring the mother of family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world. It is impossible to remember but if you get it wrong you are in troubl. Well, in case you are interested,  Mother’s day is celebrated in the UK and USA at different times: In the USA Mother’s day falls on the second Sunday in May, whereas in the UK it is on the fourth Sunday.

In 2016 that means it is on the March 6th March in the UK and on May 8th in the USA.

So what should I get for mother’s day?

Normally, buying flowers is a good idea and you can create a Mother’s Day Flower Basket by yourself. Here is a video to show you how to create Flower Basket for your mother.

flower basket

But if you have a partner who is or is about to be a mum, you will need yet more unique mother’s day gifts – especially if her kids are too little to get her something themselves. So here are a couple of Mother’s day gift to get you started:

Babelens video monitor.


This is the perfect mother’s day gift because it’s easy for mother’s life. Now you can know that your baby is safe and sound from wherever you are.  See more at:

The Babelens is viewed via an app on your smart device such as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and android smart phone. High quality. It has IR lights that you can see your baby in totally invisible night, two-way communication that you can talk to your baby and you can hear your baby through your phone, lullabies function that you can play lullabies to your baby.  You can even view your baby and monitor how your nanny treat your baby if you are outside anywhere in the world.

Body pillow

body pillow


It’s a very good gift for pregnant mum, it designed for mum and nurse.

So there are some unique mother’s days gift ideas. With one of these you cannot help but the most popular son, daughter or parent in the world.

Finally, we wish all the mothers in the world happy Mother’s day.

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