New TT900WK NVR system with 4 Wireless IP Cameras

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New TT900WK NVR system with 4 Wireless IP Cameras
November 10, 2016 Mary Tang

New TT900WK NVR system with 4 Wireless IP Cameras


Are you still looking for a security surveillance system to monitor your home?

Are you still looking for a security surveillance system that contains everything you need to secure your home and business?

If so, our new product TT900WK kit is the right product for you.

Titathink’s TT900WK kit product is high definition Wireless IP Security system that adopts the latest advances in IP camera technology. The NVR kit contains everything you need to monitor your home and business. It includes 4 IP cameras that is easy to setup and install. The NVR unit has VGA and HDMI output interfaces, to fully work with your HDTV.

Megapixel Weatherproof IP Cameras

The included weatherproof IP bullet camera pack provides remarkable performance in a compact and cost-efficient form factor design. The 4 cameras adopt IP66-rated weatherproof design to withstand extreme weather conditions. You can use for both indoor and outdoor surveillance applications.  The camera lens has 36pcs infrared LEDs that can work under low light environments; its IR range reaches up to 20 meters.

Titathink tt900wk-wireless-ip-cameras

4-channel NVR

The included 4-channel network video recorder has capability to record/playback 4-channel video streaming in high resolution in real time. It supports multiple recording modes, providing 24/7 monitoring. The four camera units were previously connected to the NVR system before shipping the NVR, so you don’t have to add the cameras to NVR system. All you need to do is to connect the NVR to a router with an Ethernet cable, connect the NVR to a display, and power on all devices. Now the cameras’ views will be automatically displayed


Remote access and live view

This kit comes with free apps for the iPhone or Android. You can view live video, playback previous recorded video, or record live video directly to the smartphone from wherever you are anywhere in the world.


This new product is ideal for both home or business office application. With the help of the NVR, the video footage will be recorded safely to its internal hard drive, it has low risk to experience data leaking, virus attacking, even system failure.

Are you ready to protect your home or business now? As it’s our new product, we will offer you a good price at USD 239. We are looking forward to your business .

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