New prices in this summer

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New prices in this summer
July 18, 2015 Titathink Team

New prices in this summer

New price of titathink ip camera

In this summer, a new prices adjustment is coming! The price reduction reach up to 30%! it is available on both Titathink store and Amazon store now!

Low cost advantage of manufacturing in China has been disappear gradually, and the cost of effective promotion becomes more expensive. In this case, why do we still reduce the price? Becuase of the product quality problem? The answer is “NO”, we focus on the high-end market of ip camera, whether they be products or services. so we have strong confidence for titathink camera, including the quality and usability. Improving user shopping experience shall be more properly for this price reduction.

Since a lot of the development cost has already been accounted for, we’ll be able to try to sale titathink camera at a much more affordable price. As a matter of fact, although we are sold to all over the world, but the best selling of the sales areas are in the U.S and Europe. We has sold thousands of cameras to those areas. else we are looking forward to that those ip camera users in other parts of the world chould learn about this price reduction.

For improving user experience, and more much more than the above, we will try to build the warehouse located in U.S and U.K, in order to accelerate the delivery speed.

“Why did you not sell titathink camera on the Amazon?”, a american friend asked me. Just a simple statement bust me out of my dream! So we started business on amazon, we opened our Amazon Store in last december, even though we have a lot of service experience, we still are a little guy on the Amazon. We hope to get more recognition so that we try our best to build the relationship of both we and users. How much we want to be helpful and useful for users.

“Are you tired?”

“Not a bit, I will be very happy when my customer talked to me! I think that is my honor.”

Bring titathink camera home now~

Titathink Online Store (Every purchased will get a 32G class10 micro sd card and free shipping over $190)

Amazon Store in U.S. (Delivery within 2 days)

Amazon Store in U.K. (Delivery within 2 days)

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