Observing birds using Titathink cameras

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Observing birds using Titathink cameras
May 3, 2017 Mary Tang

Observing birds using Titathink cameras

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Ever since we launched Titathink security cameras, we have heard that different customers use their cameras for different purposes. Some customers use Titathink TT522PW as a pond camera and monitor their turtles underwater, some use the TT830G cameras to check the water level on a daily basis in a canyon, some outdoor cameras for wild animals in the garden, some Babelens for their lovely babies. some indoor cameras for their homes.

Today we are pleased to hear from one of our customers Magnus that he uses his Titathink security camera TT522PW to monitor his lovely birds called Talgoxe . He shared some interesting videos of his birds laying eggs then little birds hatching. Let’s see the videos.




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