Where to place home security cameras

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Where to place home security cameras
September 6, 2016 Mary Tang

Where to place home security cameras

Titathink-Home security camera

When it comes to the safety to of your home, you cannot to be to careful. The important to ask yourself some tough questions, for example, one critically important question to ask yourself is  where do you think you need security camera? If your security cameras are placed in the wrong areas, you may not be as protected as you think. To determine the best location for your security cameras, we first need to think about their purpose, if it’s to catch burglars in the act, let us look briefly the top 3 common break-in points for a moment.

Front Door

About 34% off all burglars break in here. Here is what usually happens. A burglars break in the front of your door. If someone answers, they would be pretend to be someone else looking for directions, but if on one answers, they will kick the door open and steal your valuable stuff.  To prevent a thief from knocking out your door. Place your security camera above the front door so on one can reach it. If your home has just one level, consider enclosing your front door camera in mesh wiring to protect it from errant rocks, sticks, or other weapons. Here we suggest you install a spy security camera at the front of your door then you will watch who is knocking on your door before you open your door.

Front door security cameraBack Door

Another 22% of home burglars enter through the back door. So you need a camera here also. You need to protect it from projectiles, such as stones or sticks or anything else. Here we suggest you our outdoor security camera that has weatherproof/waterproof with night vision that can record at night for your back door.

Titathink-TT730PW outside

Backyard/Side Gate/ first-floor windows

Many burglars break into your home through a backyard, side gate or first floor windows. Yes, many homeowners forget to lock their windows, side gate giving burglars an easy way to enter. Regardless, you should place a camera these places either. When placing cameras around windows, side gate and backyard, place the camera above the side gate door, facing downward so that it covers the windows so that it has a view of the yard in front of the window.

Titathink-TT730PW by window

If it’s for monitoring a young child or an aging adult, it’s useful to have them in areas of the home that they are frequent.

Titathink spy clock camera

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