Spy IP cameras

Titathink designed multi-kinds of spy camera. Including useable indoors and useable outdoors. TT520PW has own two type of mounting hardware so that it’s easy placed to various positions. And TT521PW accords with IP66-rated so that user can use it outside. TT522PW is the strongest of them. Its lens accords with IP67-rated so that can be placed into one mitre deep water and with a wide view angle. It is the best choosing for secret monitoring.

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Smart IP Cameras

Titathink Babelens is a new framchip smart home ip camera. It has distinctive characteristics such as it builts in a smart night light, playing music and so on. Keep improving the attitude of excellence, the design of Babelens fully shows the beauty of industry, its all parts are confirmed of high quality.

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Indoor IP Cameras

Titathink has two camera models used for indoor. Including universal class card camera TT630W and cube camera TT630CW. their excellent image processing performance can furthest restore the scene in real time. Both TT630W and TT630CW support two-way audio feature and night vision feature. So you can real-time dialogue with your baby or pets.

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Outdoor IP Cameras

Outdoor surveillance is not only need remarkable image quality and sturdy metal housing, but also need to adapt for different installed scene. Titathink has multi-kind outdoor ip cameras, no matter for farm, corridor or treet, Titathink professional outdoor ip cameras all can be qualified for your home security monitoring job. Different scene will equip different transmission, benefit by various working mode, Titathink is able to work over Wi-Fi, PoE and 3G WCDMA signal zone.

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Titathink TT900WK Wireless NVR Surveillance System

TT900WK is a wireless network video recorder. It comes with four wireless HD 7220P IP cameras. These cameras has been pre-confiration before delivery so you need to do adding operation any more. Real plug-and-play. There are two color version for your choice.

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3-Axis Stabilizing Gimbal

iSteady uses leading smart gimbal system, high-performance attitude algorithms and precise motor control technology to real-timely real compensation phone bumps and jitter. Make the picture to be more stable.

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