Outdoor Waterproof Wireless IP Cameras

Outdoor surveillance is not only need remarkable image quality and sturdy metal housing, but also need to adapt for different installed scene. Titathink has multi-kind outdoor ip cameras, no matter for farm, corridor or treet, Titathink professional outdoor ip cameras all can be qualified for your home security monitoring job. Different scene will equip different transmission, benefit by various working mode, Titathink is able to work over Wi-Fi, PoE and 3G WCDMA signal zone.


It’s diminutive camera of outdoor camera series, but it’s stronger as well. Its small baby makes it to be more lightweight. With a 1080P CMOS sensor, you can watch a excellent and vivid video.

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It’s more solid than other cameras on the market. Work with Wifi, Poe and Ethernet cable. Its weatherproof feature makes it to be the best surveillance of outdoor family.

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TT830G does not work on Wi-Fi or Wired connection, because it has a SIM Card Slot to access 3G WCDMA signal. Independent of Wi-Fi and wired cable, it can work any land area all the same.

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