The professional waterproof IP camera

Meet the Titathink TT730LPW outdoor wireless security IP camera. It’s stable and sleeker with an easy to use APP. And it can provide full high definition video streaming. That’s the most beautiful part.

Design, should be more concise

Most recent security cameras have a cumbersome, angular look. But the TT730LPW is glazed, massive and easily dissipates heat. It is designed with the IP66 compliance professional waterproof appearance with a 360° stand.

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High-end Performance

With a 2,037,600 pixels sensor, the TT730LPW offers 1920×1080 higher resolution and longer distance than other cameras. It can offer clearer video pictures to help you catch more details. From outside to inside, we designed TT730LPW’s main board using composite board to make it stable and freezing-proof.

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What’s features?

The TT730LPW features are not only offer stability and a beautiful appearance, but also rich operational functions. It is ideal both for beginners and professionals for modification.

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Works with MAC? PC? Phone?

Titathink cameras come with a variety of client sides that make it easy to view live feed and setup the camera every day. You can watch your monitoring everywhere via a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

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About Security

Titathink’s mission is not only to protect us security, but also we need the data transmitted to be private and anti-Hacker.

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To have a better idea of TT730LPW series. Learn more about its specification and compare its models with a separate page.

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How it works?

Lay the foundation for using TT730LPW outdoor waterproof IP camera. Follow the steps to learn how to install TT730LPW, how to setup its features, and what is the installation environment.

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