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Titathink’s camera output can be watched and operated with multiple platforms, include iOS, Android, OS, and Windows operating systems. In the mobile terminal, Titathink has an app called “Anyscene”. Thanks to the Apple iOS system and Google Android system, we can build convenient software with complicated P2P protocol to help users watch live feed and setup the camera’s parameters. Meanwhile, Titathink has a software feature named “Camera Live” which not only helps users use the app, but also offers a web application to adjust settings. The software and apps are both for free, that’s the most beautiful part.

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Meet the Anyscene

Anyscene is an app used in smart phone. Now it has iOS version and Android version. Although there are so many kinds of Android phone in the market, the Anyscene app can perfectly work. By using Anyscene, the user can setup some frequently-used settings such as the image quality of the video stream, alarms, enable/disable two-way audio feature, adjust the volume, playback recording files etc.

Meet the Anyscene

Meet the Anyscene on Tablet

The camera not only works with the smart phone, but also the user can use this app with a tablet such as iPad or Android tablet. The user can also setup and watch the camera with this app perfectly. Meanwhile, Titathink constantly pays close attention to App Update Services to make sure there is not a compatible problem.

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Meet the Camera Live on PC/MAC

Camera Live is client software working on Windows and iOS systems to help user watch and setup the camera. The user can use this software to jump to an exclusive web application for each camera. The web application can help the user setup further settings such as motion detection, DDNS settings, NAS settings, P2P settings, schedule, task management and so on. The user can install this software into a PC or laptop. Actually, we also provide express edition software called “Camera Setup” to help those people who used an inchoate camera to adapt Titathink camera.

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