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Integrates industrial art into safety

Industrial art is a rich and colorful knowledge, and yet it comes from life and shall be used for life. From this standpoint, we tried to put beautiful industrial art into our camera and into its safety.

” Sometimes, Complicated thing is not always superior to the simple one. We designed it to be used easily and simple to install. “
Tim Zhang,
The Titathink CEO

Design Idea

Over the years, we have learned that lots of our customers need a camera which is built in a variety of features but easy to D.I.Y. And provides stable, clear and smooth video. By using such a camera, they are able to keep eyes on all the things they care about. So in order to satisfy our customer’s requirements, we designed it in a new way with high-end subassemblies.

Regards to the appearance

We are high on industrial art and therefore integrate it into our camera. Our goal for Titathink’s cameras is to possess a simple surface but with a stronger inherent functionality.

In the mainboard

We incorporated the highest quality CMOS HD 1080P small size sensor that offers a high-definition video stream for you anywhere in real time. Built-in self-developed video processing technology makes the video more clear and the color more realistic. Built-in self-developed network transmit technology lets users experience outstanding quality video with a 1080p full resolution at 15 fps.


Built-in Micro SD memory card slot with maximum capacity up to 128Gb. It also supports NAS or NVR drives.

The friendly appearance is the beauty of simplicity

Before we designed it, we performed a lot of tests and did research to design a better outer casing. How did we do it? It was not easy for just Titathink to develop the best the optimum solution, so we invited partners from the Netherlands to design it together. The composite board and low-dissipation master chip makes TT520PW stable and allows more space-saving. This allowed us to design the outer casing to be more suitable for artistic inclinations.

Small logo & Smooth surface – Covered by the superior baking varnish, Logo is so small that it doesn’t affect the appearance.
Waterproof & Dustproof – It’s fully compatible with IP66 design rule to ensure its ability of resist water and dust in the open air. Operating humidity: 20-80%RH (Non-condensing).
Waterproof & Freezeproof – It can work as normal, even at snowy day. Operating temperature: -20 to +60 °C (-4 to +140 °F).
All-metal fuselage – better heat dissipation and be stronger and unzerbrechlich.

Steadiness is not enough, we offer more flexibility

TT730LPW’s stand supports two types of installation. One is fixed in the downside of the camera body, the other one is fixed in the upside of camera body.

Fixed on the downside of camera

Apply to the scenario which needs to fix the camera onto the wall and all that.

Fixed on the upside of camera

Apply to the scenario which needs to fix the camera under the eave or ceiling.

Q: Can this camera be fixed onto the wall?

A: Of course yes, TT730LPW comes with some screws and screws caps. You can use that screw to fix the stand of TT730LPW camera.

Q: What is the angle of TT730LPW camera rotation?

A: The angle of TT730LPW’s stand can be torsioned up to 360°. The stand has two rotation points. One’s angle is 90°, the other one is 360°. Using thr allen key to fix that points after making your selection.

Q: How to install the camera?

A: There are some figures and introduction of TT730LPW camera. Please kindly visit: Learn more about installation
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Extraordinary and stabilized performance

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