How TT730LPW Works?

6. Using the schedule feature to customize your record layout.

You can setup the schedule on the Schedule setup page and use it as a running task. Schedule is able to help user to customize their own record layout, it will follow as user wish to turn on/off the recording. The schedule allows user control the camera better.

  • 1. Setup the schedule.

    About how to login the web settings page, please refer to LOGIN WEB APPLICATION

    There are four schedules can be choosed, press “Schedule ID” to choose it.

    setup schedule
  • Enable the schedule.

    Please get into “Task Management” to enable schedule for a task.

    Enable schedule for a task
  • Learn about “Task Management”

    “Task Management” is a group of tasks, Those tasks can help you to manage alarms period, snapshotting period and recording time.

    View task management
  • Learn about detailed task.

    Press the task links to jump to detailed task page.

    View task details

    Record from option is used for choosing the quality of recording file.

    Split duration option is used for setting up the duration of recording file.

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