How TT730LPW Works?

3. Placement tips of connecting by Wi-Fi only.

Wi-Fi connection for our camera is most popular, but thick or insulated external walls can greatly reduce the signal. Always test the camera can reach your network before installation.

**Before you start reading this section, please make sure you had took a look at “Setup camera” section. Learn more

  • Connected on Wi-Fi or using extender …

    TT730LPW wifi placement
  • Some useful tips …

    *When using Wi-Fi, make sure you remove the rubber protective boot from the Wi-Fi antenna mounting screw before attaching the antenna.
    *Wi-Fi will work best using WPA and WPA2 security, AES encryption and a Wi-Fi channel between 1-11. You may find your connection more reliable by configuring these particular options in your router setting.
    **We recommend placing the TT730LPW no further than 10-15 metres aways from your router. Closer if there are abstacles in the way such as walls, floors or ceilings.
    *Outside of this range, we would suggest an Ethernet connection or Power over Ethernet(Please read next section), installing a Wi-Fi signal extender or repeater, or using HomePlug/Powerline technology.
    *TT730LPW is only compatible with 2.4GHz networks, soif your router is using the 5GHz band, please ensure it is operating a mixed mode.
    *Make sure TT730LPW is connecting to your network properly before start doing the rest of the installation procedure and securely fastening TT730LPW camera to the wall.
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