Standard definition VGA
BaBy Monitor
Pet Monitoring Camera
Watch your baby in real time. Baby’s smile shoule not be hindered by distance.
VGA Indoor IP Camera – TT610W
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Design idea
In recent years, we use a variety of indoor surveillance products, we collect them from different manufacturers, most of them look very magical. But the fly in the ointment is that they are always some small flaws. Crash, picture is not clear, the sound is not clear, the appearance of rough, and so on. Not a big problem, but it is in a bad mood. What product we need is simple and elegant appearance, functions are easy to use. So we learn many suggestions came from users, focusing details, we designed this product.
At the front-end
Equipped with a high quality VGA CMOS sensor, surrounded by a circle of high-quality Infrared lamp. No matter day and night, it can offer fluent and clear video stream. Body is designed to using high environmental materials, sleek and simple, the torque between bearing and fuselage is designed reasonable, easy to place.
In the back
Built-in self-developed video processing technology make the video more clear and the color more realistic. Built-in self-developed network transmit technology make you can experience outstanding quality video with full resolution at 30 fps.
Built-in micro SD memory card slot. Max storage up to 128Gb, it also supports NAS or NVR drives.
titathink tt213w indoor ipc
VGA Meticulous Sensor
By phone client, we can understand the situation at home clearly.
titathink-baby titathink-indoor-show TT610W can be Baby monitor,
put it into babyroom, watch your lovely baby in real time.
Put it in the house, record every moment at home.
Allow pets to hear your voice, might be able to also prevent them from mischief.
Clear, Smooth, Secure Video
VGA Video
The camera offers exceptional 640x480p video. Built-in self-developed images processing systiem, it provides uncompromising colour and picture quality, no matter day or night.
Titathink clear video
The camera uses H.264 compression technology, allows for highly efficient network utilisation. Built-in self-developed network transmission system extremly optimize the transport performance, you can experience outstanding quality video with smooth and real time.
The camera is compiled with the latest encryptions including WEP, WPA and WPA2 for ultimate control and security. However our intuitive interface means you can implement the highest quality security with ease and efficiency.
Live Audio
Built-in a microphone in interface
Titathink-live-audio High-sensitive Microphone
Two-way Audio
Built-in a high-sensitive microphone and line-in interface, it allows user connecting a speaker to line-in interface so that monitoring the scene of sound from internet. Meanwhile, user’s sound can be turned back to home via internet also.

A question about the two-way audio? Try to find the reason by visting:
Monitor Devices
Compatible with
PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android smart devices
Network Connection
Two optional ways connect to Router
The camera allows users to switch on Wi-Fi and LAN, optimising installtion possibilities and making it perfect for installers and endusers who is looking for a convertible and flexiable solution.
Multitude of recording
Mirco SD card Recording
Built-in Mirco SD card slot. MAX storage up to 128Gb
It doesn’t need 3rd party software, recording devices or an internet connection, meaning it can work on more remote locations.
Our app support Playback the sd card recorded file on your smart devices.
Built-in Onvif protocol, it can be compatible with most of NVR in the market.
Built-in NAS protocol, it can be compatible with most of NAS services.
Motion detection & Alarms
Motion detection & Alarms
Setup the motion zone and sensitivity, the significant motion on motion zone can be detected by the camera, The camera is able to push the alarm notification to your APP, and sends the notification, the alerts, the snapshot to your special email, ftp or server account. This will alert the user to any activity in real time, no matter where the recipient may be.
Application program
Camera Live
Integrated management tool works on PC and MAC
titathink-app1 titathink-app2
The Camera Live includes Single Live, Multi-Screen Monitoring, recording, snapshot, playback, setup camera and so on. Friendly user interface and simple to use. Multi-Screen Monitoring MAX supports 36 channels.
Works on iphone, ipad and Android Smart devices
Max 256 Titathink ip cameras can be added, Remotely playback sdcard recorded file. Alarm notification remind.
Simple to install, Easy to use
Just two steps
The first step
Connect the camera to Router
Our camera supports WPS one-touch secrity if you are using a WPS compatible network adapter, you can even secure your network with the push of a button.
The second step
Access your camera via the app
Install the APP ‘AnyScene’ in your phone. Open it, type the UID or Scan QR code, type enter the name and password, and then click ‘save’.
The camera builts-in P2P protocol, It can penetrate the router so that users don’t need to configure the router any more.
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Our philosophy from a story
What is a great product?
long time ago, I ask a successful man what is a great product? He said a great product just like the landscape, beautiful and make people comfortable, But the most important thing is not the landscape, But what actually make a landscape, you loot at the small insects or plants, that’s what makes the landscape beautiful, all the beauty of element make up the landscape, Quality of small or big is important.
“Beautiful from the details” is our philosophy, We pay attention to every detail, in order to give our user a high quality products and a great experience.
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