A secret Christmas party

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A secret Christmas party
December 26, 2016 Mary Tang

A secret Christmas party

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of our customers.  Here we would like to share a Christmas story from one of our customers.

Two years ago, my family moved to a new house and I installed a Titathink Security camera in my house to protect my house. As it’s a clock IP camera, which looks like an alarm clock, nobody will notice it. I am always leaving home for business, I stored my camera’s videos to my work computer. I sometimes watch my home to check if everything is safe on my computer from the camera.

One day when I was back to the office from the long business trip, I opened my work computer to print an important file to have a meeting. Then I left my computer to have a meeting. When I came back to my computer from the meeting, I saw my co-workers were watching my computer’s videos, I walked close to them to see what’s new. Oh no, this was my home’s video surveillance. As soon as I saw the video, I run home.

My son was having a party without my permission.

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