Security camera for Storage and Warehouse

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Security camera for Storage and Warehouse
August 29, 2016 Mary Tang

Security camera for Storage and Warehouse


We probably have seen some companies’ warehouse were stolen in a night or their company’s employees stolen their company’s warehouse materials or machines, so it’s vital to have warehouse and storage security cameras for your warehouse and storage.

Warehouse and storage facilities are ideal candidates for security systems, with a large number of goods spread across lots of square footage, it can be challenging to keep your operation secure—from both internal and external theft. With the help of a special designed security system you can keep high risk areas such as loading docks or entry places, places where valuables are stored minimizing the threat of theft.

Security cameras not only help you to monitor those workers who work in the warehouse to ensure everyone follows the safety protocols, If a warehouse accident does happen, video footage can help identity the cause of the accident and how to prevent in the future, but also is helpful for improving work efficiency.

Here are some benefits of Titahink warehouse security cameras

Reduce theft: Installing warehouse security cameras with visible surveillance will deter theft.

Building security: Installing warehouse security cameras will allow security guards to perform more patrols and actively protect your building instead of watching monitors for many hours.

Remote monitoring: If you manage multiple warehouse or a very large facility, you can use Network video records (NVRs) to broadcast the footage from your cameras over the Internet. An NVR allows you to check up on any warehouse security camera anytime.

Things need to be considered like what kind of materials do you store (e.g. raw materials like lumber or metals, retail products, etc) and how are they arranged?

Our security cameras are ready to meet the needs of any warehouse facility situation and our technical experts are ready to give you the best advice, the best products and best service.

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