Security cameras for your bar and restaurant

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Security cameras for your bar and restaurant
July 26, 2016 Mary Tang

Security cameras for your bar and restaurant

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There are many bars and restaurants around us, those kinds of places sometimes are not safe because there are many different kinds of people going there for different purposes.  So having security cameras in your bar and restaurant is crucial. Because you never know what happens next during your business, some customers will skip out on restaurants without paying the bill, sometimes unbelievable things will happen, sometimes funny things happen such as cute bear wanders into your bar. Here is a link to show you the video about the black bear wandering into a Colorado bar, the thirsty bear, so lovely.

What our quality security cameras will do for your Bar and Restaurant:

Catch Thieves or Vandals

Some rogues they may come to your bar to steal and vandalize your bar, so use the security camera to catch them and ask them to indemnify your loss.

Protect customers and staff.

It’s your responsibility to make your customers and staff safe.

Monitor Delivery Activity

Monitor your packages delivery activity in your bar.

Employee Theft

Statistics report 85% of all Bar and Restaurant robberies are inside jobs. Keep an eye on employee activity with Titathink security cameras.

Any Suspicious Activity

If you notice any suspicious activity in your bar, you can report it to your local law enforcement.

Monitor Activity from Home

From home, you can watch any activities in your bar and restaurant.

Bar and Restaurant Security Cameras are being installed in Bar and Restaurants across America. They are giving owners and customers an excellent sense of security.

Our Security Systems have also proved to halt employee theft. Security Systems can now interface with your cash register or POS system, which records and displays all transaction data to the recorded image. Owners now can play back the videos through security camers on your phone anywhere.

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