Security cameras deter children’s lies

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Security cameras deter children’s lies
October 18, 2016 Mary Tang

Security cameras deter children’s lies

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Last year, we sold some outdoor and indoor security cameras to a kindergarten. Recently we got a story about the security camera in the kindergarten from one of the teachers’ of the kindergarten. Let’s take a look.

Today is Daniel’s birthday, last night his father talked to me and wanted to celebrate his birthday in our kindergarten school and spend the time with his classmates and leave some good memories for him. Then I replied delightedly it is ok. The birthday party was going very well, children were all excited and did some activities. After some activities, they sent some blessings and gifts to Daniel and Daniel sent some special candies to his classmates, as the candies looked appetizing. I was afraid that children will eat them first, so I asked them to share the candies with their family and don’t eat now. The first time, the children promised me not to eat.

I was confident about the children’s self-control ability, but the truth is always in the back of the imagination. When the party was almost finished, some children found there were some candy paper on the floor, which made me angry and I asked who threw them away. Then Edmond told me it was Cindy, then all the children said it was Cindy, I was angry and criticized her, but when I saw Cindy’s mother picking her up, she shared her candy with her mother, I was sorry for criticizing her and apologized to her and promised her that I will investigate tomorrow.

The next day, I asked who ate the candy and nobody admitted it. Finally we thought of the security cameras around our school and asked one of the kids to check which camera is around the entry and exit points of the school, then let the kid tell other kids that our school was full of cameras and we will be able to see who ate the candy from the video monitor. I already knew who did but I wanted to give him a chance to admit it and be an honest kid. Finally, Edmond cried and told he ate the candy and made an apology to Cindy and promised to be an honest kid.

Through this matter, I got some insights that some children tell lies because they want to protect themselves and not be scolded or punished. If this kind of things happen again next time, we need to calm down and ease the children’s fears, they will not protect themselves by telling lies and will be honest children.

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