Seeing is not believing

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Seeing is not believing
February 25, 2016 Mary Tang

Seeing is not believing

Seeing is not believing

We all have heard a famous saying, “Seeing is believing”, which reminds us what you hear about maybe false, but what you see is true. It’s widely accepted by our common sense so that people rarely doubt it, however, sometimes, “Seeing is not always believing”.

A chopstick is straight, but when you put it into water, due to the refraction of light, it looks broken off. Every day, we can see the sun rises in the east and sets down in the west. Some people feel that the sun moves around the earth day after day. But actually, it is the earth that moves around the sun in the infinite universe.

In our ordinary life we often see some videos about blackmail events. That is an elderly man walks on the road then suddenly lays down in front a car pretending being injured by the car and blackmail on the owner of the car. What we seeing is the elderly man injured by the car, but in fact it is not true.

There is Thai Commercial advertisement— Homeless Blind Truth. Here is the video link about the advertisement.

It’s a sad story about a homeless man and a owner of shop. At the beginning, the owner kicks the homeless man off every day till one day he was gone and the owner of shop uses his surveillance camera to watch everything.

From this story, we should try to look on things carefully by looking into them. It may be troublesome, but if we don’t do so not only can we misunderstand other people but also can miss many good things. We should see through the appearance to perceive the essence, then judge what is true and what is false. Besides, we all have our blind spots, we also need surveillance cameras to help us to see the truth because surveillance never cheats our eyes.

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