Your baby in the palm of your hand

Our free app gets you setup in minutes, & connected to your baby in seconds.

Our interactive app walks you through our simple setup process and does the hard work for you. Plug it in, connect to your Wi-Fi, start monitoring.

All you need to do is turn it up and down.

Let us learn more about Babelens!

Get the free BabeLens App

Our free app gets you setup with your BabeLens in minutes and connected to your baby in seconds. Get it for free now!

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Find out more about how our app works and some of the functions available in our easy to follow app tour.


Streamline your life, why have more devices than you need?

Your life is already full of baby products – why do you want to add another bundle of items? BabeLens helps you streamline your life with just a simple baby monitor and your iOS/Android device.

No chargers, no bulky handheld units, no spare batteries, and no computers are required to use BabeLens – ultimate freedom from additional clutter.

Streamline your life, make the left happy.

Monitor & multitask

Runs in the background, so you can still play other.

The BabeLens app is always monitoring your baby, even when you cannot see it – allowing you to use your iOS/Android devices how you want to on Facebook, Twitter, playing games, listening to music – the BabeLens app auto-switches to the best possible monitoring mode whatever you do.

In the background, BabeLens still work in an excellent.

View on multiple devices

Add more devices – completely free.

The BabeLens is fully compatible with the iOS products you already own, whether you’re using an iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet, listening to an iPod Touch our viewing on an iPad; BabeLens has you fully supported.

The Monitor allows you to connect and view your baby on multiple devices at once, so Mum and Dad can get the view they want, from wherever they are in the household.

Auto updating, always evolving

Working with real parents to deliver amazing!

When you buy a traditional baby monitor, it will always be the same; in a week, a month, a year. Nothing new, nothing changed. BabeLens is different – it’s a constantly evolving product. We deliver software updates to the monitor directly through the App Store, giving you new features and new ways of connecting.

Love a feature? Tell us. Hate a feature? Tell us. We’re working with real parents, always refining & adding, so the BabyPing monitor you love today will be even better tomorrow.

To ensure that our service has been to your satisfaction

App Tour

Press, tap & swipe direct to your baby

Our fantastic free app gets you setup with your BabeLens Video Monitor in minutes, and connected to your baby in seconds. Find out how below.
  • 1. Add camera
    Add your camera, then you will see two method to add your camera.
  • 2. View the app version
    Learn more about the version of this app.
  • 3. Alarm records
    This is the interface of alarm log.
  • 4. Video & Photos
    You can view your video recording stream and the capture photo here.
  • 5. My camera
    The list of your camera.
The babelens app
The babelens app
  • 6. Back
    Back to the Previous Level.
  • 7. Search
    Search the camera automatically.
  • 8. Add button
    Type the UID on the camera to add it.
  • 9. Scan QRCode button
    Scan the QR code on the camera to add it.
  • 10. Name
    The name of this camera, it can be given any name.
  • 11. UID
    The UID of this camera.
  • 12. Account
    The default account of this camera.
  • 13. Password
    The default password of babelens is ‘admin’.
  • 14. Connect button
    When the above opitions is ready, user should click on this button to connect the camera.
The babelens app
The babelens app

By swiping left on the camera title, user can see operation opition.

  • 15. Video mode
    This mode shows your video streaming of camera.
  • 16. Audio mode
    This mode shows your audio streaming of camera.
  • 17. Setting Edit
    User can setup the advanced setting and change the password.
  • 18. Deletion
    Delect this camera manual.
  • 19. Hidden opition
    Hiding the operation opition.
Chick on the , when this camera is connected, you can edit the camera, include changing the password and so on. If the camera connection is lost, it will be showed the information of reconnection. in this case, user can not change any thing of this camera.
  • 20. Change password
    User can change the default password to a secret word by this way.
  • 21. Advanced setting
    User can operat advanced setting, such as setting the the quality of video stream.
The babelens app
The babelens app
  • 22. Motion detection
    On/Off the motion detection function manual.
  • 23. Alarm recording
    On/Off whether or not recording when the camera alarmed.
  • 24. Microphone
    Adjust the volume of the camera microphone manual.
  • 25. Speaker
    Adjust the volume of the phone manual.
  • 26. Video quality
    Setting the quality of video stream. Include primary video stream, secondary video stream and so on.
  • 27. Network setup
    Change the Wifi connecting to this camera.
  • 28. Alarm action
    On/Off the alarm fucntion and setup the alarm method, such as alarm email and alarm phone.
  • 29. Login account
    User can add new user account by this way.
  • 30. About device
    User can get the information about camera status and also can reboot camera.
The babelens app
Chick on the , start watching your life and your baby!
  • 31. Close video screen
    The video screen will be closed when someone click on it.
  • 32. Photo capture
    Capture the current video.
  • 33. Start recording / Stop recording
    Enable or disable the video recording function.
  • 34. On/Off the light
    Turn on/off the camera light.
  • 35. Music
    Turn on/off the playing music function of babelens.(*Micro SD caod should be found the music source.)
  • 36. Speaker
    Enable or disable the speaker.
  • 37. Microphone
    Enable or disable the microphone of the camera.
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