There are some kinds of intro solutions about IP camera, find out what kind of solution you need.

Hidden IP Cameras

Some solutions regardind to spy IP camera. Learn more

Hidden network camera is increasingly popular. Why so? Please refer to below cases:

  • Many condo rules prohibit you from having a camera, or you want cameras in your home, but you don’t want them to stick out for aesthetic reasons. The hidden camera may be for you.
  • Place the hidden camera in the hidden areas of workplace to monitor the front of office, avoid that case which make somebody unsafe feeling.
  • Easy to place it in a hidden areas, avoiding someone malicious damage.

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Kids solution

Every parent wants to keep an eye on their own children wherever and whenever. However most of parents can not stay with their children all the time. So from this point of view, we found a nice network camera will remain necessary until the children could take care themselves. As a result, a good and useful network camera can give parents more choice to watch their children, with the help of network camera, parents can watch their children at any time. If you had a baby or unborn baby, buying a baby monitoring could be a nice alternative. View the full page

Pets solution

Do you have a pet? such as dog, cat. I think the answer is affirmative. In practical investigation, many familys have one or two pets, yes, we too. Pet is cute. But they are irritating sometimes, they often break a few small furniture when we were not at home. In this case, we found this is a nice thing which place a network camera at house, this camera must be built-in two-way audio function, when the pet are making trouble, we can stop it via our phone. meanwhile we can record some funny things of pets. View the full page

Home solution

Home monitor is home security better tool. Home security have being concerned from 2012, more people pay attenction to home surveillance, but people is suffering other problems. What kind of network camera is a good camera, and how to choose the right one? View the full page

School solution

Primary school, middle school, high school, university. There are so many students commutes to and from school, if there has a set of surveillance, it can make students more secure. it can also record the first hand information about crime. If you are a leader of a school, and some areas of school have not be installed camera, the outdoor waterproof ip camera may be for you.

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Corridor solution

Whether condo, a housing estate, living area, or industrial park. As a qualified corridor, corridor surveillance is essential. a good and useful corridor surveillance chould provide better image to ensure the safety of life and people’s properties. If you are corridor manager, this corridor surveillance may be for you.

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Farm solution

If you are a farmer, have a big field or pasture or both. We suggest you purchase some outdoor network cameras, the best is 3G outdoor network camera, this camera can transmit high-quality image via 3G WCDMA signal, it is right for those areas without WIFI signal or not easy to put in cable dusts. Farmers chould watch your animals and see how the harvest was going in real-time via your phone, your PC. View the full page

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