A strange smell in our neighbor’s room

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A strange smell in our neighbor’s room
January 23, 2018 Mary Tang

A strange smell in our neighbor’s room

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Last Friday my neighbor Tim came to my place and said his room had a strange smell, so I went to his room to check it out. Having entered the room, I smelled a pungent strange smell, which made me sick. We looked around his room to check where the smell came from. Finally I found the source, that was coming from the ceiling where there was a small hole that leads to the other room. I smelled few times to make sure. It smelled like a dead mouse stuck in the wall. But we couldn’t see the hole in the wall as it was too small and too high to see, as well as too dark.

How could we check if the dead mouse was stuck there? We needed to find a device that was small and could see in the dark place. Suddenly, Tim told me that he got a Titathink small spy mini security that could do the job. So he tied the small spy camera to a long stick with a rope. Then put the camera to the hole and used his phone to see the pictures from the camera. Haha. How clever he was. We watched the pictures carefully. In a few minutes, we found the dead mouse stuck on a wall and picked it up with a special tool and threw it out. Then we put 3 tea bags inside the wall. The tealeaves in the bags not only absorb the bad smell but also release the natural aroma of tea.

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Today the bad smell was gone and his bright room has a good smell now. Ha, thanks to the Titathink spy camera, we were able to find the strange smell.

Dear customers, if you cannot find something lost in the corner or some places are not convenient for you too see, please try to use a Titathink small spy camera and you will find it will be a lot fun and it can help you find what you want.

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