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  • titathink 1080p mini security camera with night vision, audio recording for outdoor surveillance

    It’s Time to Buy a 1080p Security Camera to Protect Your Home

    Whenever you are going to choose the extraordinary and reliable safety cam, you have to make sure that you choose it by checking the features and function properly. Security cams system plays an important role in numerous aspects of life. While dealing with big business, keeping an eye on your company is the most important …

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  • Titathink TT730LPW 1080P outdoor security

    Security cameras deter children’s lies

    Last year, we sold some outdoor and indoor security cameras to a kindergarten. Recently we got a story about the security camera in the kindergarten from one of the teachers’ of the kindergarten. Let’s take a look. Today is Daniel’s birthday, last night his father talked to me and wanted to celebrate his birthday in …

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  • Titathink school

    Video Surveillance for Education

    Keeping all students and staff safe is a primary concern for school today. Unfortunately, some schools are not doing very well for the their school’s safety problem, they don’t have any security devices to protect their schools, students and teachers, especially in remote primary schools. Maintaining tight security in school settings is of utmost importance …

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