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  • Cabin holiday

    Protect your cabin with Titathink camera

    Summer holiday is coming and many people want to spend their time to go to the beach or the mountain resort for summer holiday. You are happy that people will stay in your cabins. No matter whether your cabin is private or for customers, it’s your responsibility to make it safe. Here is a story from one of our customers. Our cabin was …

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  • customer-story

    Can you guess what the boss did for his employee when he knew his employee stole some food from his company?

    We would like to share one of our customers James story here. I have been working for a supermarket for one year and recently I found a food area where security cameras that cannot be monitored disappeared, which made my boss very angry and he held a meeting to solve the problem. I suddenly found a small spy security camera …

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  • Titathink-warehouse

    Security camera for Storage and Warehouse

    We probably have seen some companies’ warehouse were stolen in a night or their company’s employees stolen their company’s warehouse materials or machines, so it’s vital to have warehouse and storage security cameras for your warehouse and storage. Warehouse and storage facilities are ideal candidates for security systems, with a large number of goods spread …

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