A thief was arrested after he “saluted” to the security camera.

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A thief was arrested after he “saluted” to the security camera.
January 16, 2018 Mary Tang

A thief was arrested after he “saluted” to the security camera.

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Few days ago, the public security bureau captured a criminal suspect, li Yang, who had committed many burglar cases. He was arrested because he intentionally saluted to a security camera after the robbery to provoke the police. After seeing the videos from a security camera, the police identified and arrested him in a few days.

On January 8 at 1:am, the police who work at the high-tech public security combat operation center in Zigong, Sichuan, China came across suddenly found a picture from a security camera located in the city center parking lot of that a man passing by the security camera and saluting to it. This unusual movement had aroused a high alert to the police. After careful observation, the police found the younger man looked a bit like a previous thief, so they tracked down him.

A theif was arrested--Titathink

After investigation, they determined the man was a thief and arrested him. After trial, Li Yang honestly explained the fact that during the period from 2017 to 2018, he stole tens of thousands worth of money more Yuan from local stores.

The camera used by the police was not purchased from Titathink security camera, but we are still very happy for them and proud to show their successful use of a video surveillance to help their job. We congratulate the police on a job well done by using a security camera.

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