How it works

What it’s all about and what you need to get started

Your life is already full of baby products – why do you want to add another bundle of items? Babelens helps you streamline your life with just a simple baby monitor and your smart device.

No chargers, no bulky handheld units, no spare batteries, and no computers are required to use Babelens – ultimate freedom from additional clutter.

  • The Babelens Video Monitor connects to your network either through Wi-Fi or network cable.
  • Babelens supports both Android and iOS devices with Babelens app.
  • For better security you can change the default password for your Babelens, and create other login account to restrict its privilege.
  • The Babelens video monitor can be used with homeplugs or wi-fi range extenders should you need to cover excessive distance.

You will also need…

Do not demand too much, there are something that lying around now
iOS devices and Android devices
An iOS/Android device

iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.Must be running iOS5 or later.
Android phone or Android tablet. Must be running Android 2.2.4 or later.

A router
A spare ethernet port on your router

Just for setup. Your router was most likely given to you by your internet provider.

A password
Your Wi-Fi Password to your home network

For the same router your Babelens is plugged into. Not needed for network cable connection.

Plugging in the monitor…

Power up and connect the monitor to your router
babelens connection detail
  • 1. Plug the provided Ethernet cable into a spare ethernet port on your router.
  • 2. Plug the other end of Ehternet cable into the ethernet port on the back of the babelens video monitor.
  • 3. Plug the power cable into the power socket on the back of the babelens video monitor.

Setup your Babelens by 7 steps…

Download the app and follow below steps

1. Connect your smartphone to your wi-fi network

babelens connect wifi
Note: This should be the same Wi-Fi network being broadcast from the router in Step 1

2. Find the babelens app in the App store or Play Store.

Search for “Babelens” or scan the QR code to get to the download page. and then download the app and install it right now.
Get the app now!

babelens app store

3. Run the babelens app and add your camera.

add camera

Press “Search” to scan the camera on the same network.

search babelens

Press the camera you found to connecting.

camera found babelens

Press “QRCode” to scan the QR code on the back of camera.

babelens qr code scan babelens qr code

4. Enther the password and then press “Connect”.

Default password is “admin”.


5. Setup the Wi-Fi connection by pressing “Setup WIFI”.

setup wifi

6. Choose your Wi-Fi SSID.

choose the wifi

Enter yout Wi-Fi password & Press “join”.

Finally, press “Save” to save your setting.

7. Press the camera and start to view the video.

Press camera

Youre done! you can view your baby now.

view camera
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